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Woodrow's 90th Anniversary: Full of Robots

All good things come to an end — said no RoboCat ever! The Woodrow 90th Anniversary has been one of the greatest events yet, in the short lifespan of the RoboCats and we aim to proudly continue participating for many years to come. Let's rewind and have a look at all our accomplishments.

It all started in July when the Woodrow alumni association asked for the RoboCats to participate in the anniversary celebration. Right after, our Outreach Coordinator, Tomas Ariasi, Mentor Rudy Karimi, and other outreach leads came together to plan how to make the most out of our six hour event.

Sooner that expected the big day was here. During the festivity the RoboCats pulled off the tarp from the new Woodrow plaza with our Treadmill robot. While at the same time, a group of greeters was providing pamphlets about the history of Woodrow and maps to help people get through the day.

Soon after the plaza had been revealed, our amazing team started providing tours of the new space and offering coffee and donuts. Later in the day, the RoboCats served lunch to an estimated 600+ people while also showing off their cool new robot designs to every kid and senior there.

Afterwards, two of our team captains with Coach Dan Garrison took part in the ribbon-cutting cermony of the new building together with Principal Mike Moran and other DISD representatives.

In short, during these six hours we ran tours of our new robotics space, greeted Woodrow alumni, participated in the ribbon-cutting inaguration, and provided food & drinks to all the 1,500, people who were estimated to attend.

Sadly, after this wonderful day, the shop had to close and we said goodbye to our one in a lifetime celebration. This would have not been possible without the help of our sponsors:

Raising Cane's provided ice tea and lemonade. Jason's Deli provided 150 boxed lunches. Rudolph's Market provided 400 hot dogs. Starbucks Provided coffee. Magdi Cookies provided custom made wildcat 90th-anniversary cookies.

At this time we would also like to thank everyone who volunteered Saturday to help make this event a success.


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