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The 2018 FRC game, Power Up, consists of scoring the most points by controlling large scales that generate points per second. Both the pre-coded period and the driver controlled period include controlling “Switch” and “Scale” components by placing milk crate sized cubes. The end game objective has a climbing element where the robots have to elevate themselves completely off of the ground. Cobra, the robot, was designed around the idea of being able to compete on any level. During the game, the Scale acts as a seesaw and can range in height anywhere between 4 and 7 ft. To accommodate this, the Cobra has a two stage lift system with a maximum height of 6 feet 3 inches, this allows the robot to easily score with both low and high configuration. The robot also features a custom intake system that uses 4 rubber wheels and high speed motors attached to a pneumatic pistons system, this allows Cobra to intake and deposit blocks with ease. In order to achieve endgame, Cobra has a climbing system that is mounted to the lift. A carabiner hook is situated at the top, at that point all the drive team has to do is position Cobra with the climbing hook and ascend.

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