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To help serve families in our community and beyond today we are launching Full STEAM at Home! to give families recommendations for no-cost, low-cost, low tech STEAM activities you can do at home during this season of shelter in place.

The Woodrow Wilson HS engineering teachers and Robocats students are partnering with Studio Bella for Kids (thank you Tammy!) to produce and share content each morning M - F.

Watch our premiere video as Tammy Bardwell shares how you can go Full STEAM at Home! with her Flying Busy bees activity.

Come back here where you can find videos we'll be sharing with activity ideas for you and your family. Please let us hear from you about how it's going in the comments on our Facebook page or Youtube channel, and share this with others!

(Check out our Facebook page for video posts and also check out the playlist through the button below for access to our entire video series!)

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