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Safety Cat Claw

Safety Cat Claw

3D Print Your Own

Bellow you have download links to the STL files we have created. You can download them individually or All depending on your use case.

What we are doing about it and how you can help!

Here at the RoboCats, we are working on aiming all of the resources we can muster to help fight against COVID-19. We're putting together an armada of 3D printers, each with a dedicated Robocat, to 3D print Safety Cat Claws. These Claws are being produced and distributed to different schools at the moment only to Woodrow Wilson HS Staff to help prevent COVID-19

(Be sure to check out our Facebook page below for updates!)

*Disclaimer this page has been last updated 9/7/2020
* Not all links might still work, feel free to contact us if they don't.

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