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FRC 5242: The Robocats is the flagship team of the robotics organization here at Woodrow Wilson High School. The Robocats debuted during the 2014 Aerial Assist season and took home the grand prize at the UIL State Championships just two years later. In the following years, the team has been members of the Finalist Alliance at both Dallas and Lone Star Texas Regionals. For the 2018 and 2019 seasons, the Robocats made it to the World Championships.

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Over the past four years, the Robocats have made a difference around them and in their community. Due to the growing recognition of the robotics team, 5242 has greatly impacted the importance of STEM in their school. The Robocats made their school the first Project Lead The Way (PLTW) high school in Dallas, and was showcased twice at PLTW conferences. Woodrow is also the only high school in Dallas to host the American Society of Civil Engineers. Most importantly, the creation of 5242 led to the school hosting the largest, most comprehensive high school engineering program in Texas, which has led to Dallas Independent School District building a $20 million dollar STEM wing. 5242's main outreach project is an initiative called WaterFIRST.  WaterFIRST is a non-profit organization which partners with fellow FIRST teams, non-government organizations, and corporations to provide and educate others with more sustainable technology that can lead to a clean water future.

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