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Robotics Banquet 2019

All good things come to an end — said no RoboCat ever! This year has been one of the greatest years yet in the short lifespan of the RoboCats and we aim to proudly continue that for many years to come. And to wrap it up, we held our Robotics Banquet yesterday! Let's rewind and have a look at all our accomplishments...

During the FTC Season The Mechanicats made major progress. They got qualified at Townview for regionals and then competed at the Wylie Qualifiers. They were then invited to Austin States for the FTC Championship.

Then came the FRC Season. While we didn't do our best at the Greenville FRC, we placed 2nd at the Dallas FRC Qualifiers and made it to State. After a competing at State, in Austin, we qualified to be in World Championship in Houston! Although we didn't win, we gained both an incredible amount of education and experience while we were there.

But we're not stopping there! Throughout the summer, we hope to host STEMConnect workshops, started by FRC Team 2468 (Who do we appreciate?) and expand our community outreach via deaf education and Women in STEM.

To end this post, we would like to celebrate all of our students. The following awards go to:

Woodrow Wilson HS Robotics Scholarship:

Canyon Kidd, Steven Figueroa, and Kelsey Campeau

Rookies of the Year:

Tomas Ariasi, Mikayla Navaro, Sophia Guerra, Lily Franz, Evelyn Pate & Ruby Rodriguez.

Fundraising Award: Mikayla Navarro

Spanner Awards: Steve Clynes (Mentor), Ryan Davitt, Francisco Duarte, Steven Figueroa, Skylar Linker & Delaney Smith.

Four More Years Award:

Canyon Kidd

Outreach Pioneer Award: Angel Lopez

Mentor Recognition: Carolyn Brown, Ian Cowley, Steve Clynes, JH, Mariah Kelly, Paul Miller, Peter Winkelman & Ryan Wright

Parent Recognition Booster Board - Michelle Davitt - Jon Gustafson - Mike Anguiano - Jeannie Anguiano Booster Co-Presidents: - Lauren Larson - Kelli Kidd - Christina Navarro - Dulce Del Toro

Varsity Letterman:


  • Tomas Ariasi

  • Sophia Guerra

  • Javier Moncada


  • Abraham Anguiano

  • Lily Franz

  • Skylar Linker

  • Harry May

  • Ruby Rodriguez


  • Luke Bardin

  • Jackson Cunniff

  • Daylan Davis

  • Ryan Davitt

  • Cole Fruit

  • Collin Gustafson

  • Kam Fung Hui

  • Jean Tamayo

  • Sean Villasana


  • Shan Baig

  • Kelsey Campeau

  • Francisco Duarte

  • Steven Figueroa

  • Case Hoogland

  • Canyon Kidd

  • Jennifer Lopez

  • Angel Lopez

  • Mason Scoggin

Other Awards:

Ruby Rodriguez, "Best Hair" Award

Francisco Duarte, "Smallest man in the world" Award

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