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Top Shelf! [Week 4]

This week, we finally finished the lift! It's been a long journey, and now hundreds of red rivets spot our aluminum channels, holding the structure together. After primary tests with the lift motor, we found the lift was moving sluggishly, so the mechanical team switched out the gearbox and got that sucker moving quickly.

We nearly completed our intake as well. Dozens of rivets, multiple brackets, and a handful of machine screws later, and we brought to life our low-riding box. We still need to add an axle with compliant wheels (squishy, rubber wheels) to actually suck in the Cargo, and the motor that goes on top of the frame to drive those compliant wheels. All that's left to do after that is mount the intake to the lift, and the lift to the chassis and we're ready for practice!

And, behind all of this, our awards team is in full gear as our deadline of the 7th of February erriely looms over us. The date is approaching fast, but we'll be ready.

Well, that's all for today. We'll see you next week here on our website blog!


The 5242 Media team will keep you up to date on progress here, on our website, with weekly updates.

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