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Progress. Lots of Progress [Week 3]

Today, a lot got done.

Mechanical wise, we started breaking ground on building our lift. Backed by an armory of rivet guns (including a brand new pneumatic rivet gun) and a box full of red rivets, we got to work. So far, we've assembled a pretty large chunk of the main structure and several smaller portions that will eventually come together to form the lift for our robot (if you don't know why we're making a lift, check out last weeks blog post). We're looking to be in pretty good shape now, especially after a day and a half of delegation with little to show from it.

Meanwhile, the chassis team got all of our fun little instruments and electronics (including a brand new set of magnetic encoders and an IMU) hooked up and our chassis is now up and running. We made a cutout in the front to make way for what will eventually be our lift, which will drop down to the ground to pick up that precious Cargo. The programming team started utilizing it post-haste, running driver-controlled tests and having a bit of fun figuring out all of the new-fangled technology we hooked up.

Our FTC teams got to work on training for our massive Girl Scout camp we're about to hold. With eighty campers registered on our roster, we got right down to business with Tammy Bardwell from Studio Bella (where we're hosting the event). We had some fun with tooth brush motors and Snap Circuits, which is what we'll be using during the camp to teach the Girl Scouts critical-thinking skills with technology.

And, as per usual, our awards team worked our hardest on our Woodie Flowers and Chairman's Award essays and the Chairman's Award video. Things are shaping up and looking/sounding great as we edit our way to victory.

Well, that's all for today. We'll see you next week here on our website blog!


The 5242 Media team will keep you up to date on progress here, on our website, with weekly updates.

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