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Team 11761, the Theory of Robotivity, prides itself of the diverse capabilities of its robot. The main goals of the team for the 2017 Relic Recovery Challenge was to manipulate glyphs to their fullest capacity, knock the jewel off in autonomous, and balance in end game. When designing the robot, 11761 planned for a high degree of redundancy built into both the robot’s model and game strategy. The team created an intake system that used a series of wheel mechanisms to grab the glyphs and effectively stack them into a vault. They also created a dropstick in order to knock the opposing teams jewel off of the stand in attempt to gain more points if the intake system were to fail. Finally, the most important part of the robot, was the drive base system. The drive base contained a four wheel drive system with two omni wheels and two standard issue wheels. This alleviated the need for tedious driving skills and allowed the robot to glide across the field with precision.

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